DG Sets Installations


DG Set Installation requires to be carried out as per Cummins Standard Installation guidelines to ensure satisfactory operation of the DG set. This manual provides an installation guideline for Cummins D G sets.

Right installation of DG set leads to

  • Desired Optimum performance
  • Easy serviceability of the DG Set
  • Availability and better uptime of DG set
  • Better aesthetic of DG set

This manual gives information related to typical DG set installation guidelines and care has been taken to ensure that the information in this Installation Manual is correct at the time of issue. Due to the continuing process of development this is subject to modification without prior notice and no responsibility can be accepted for alterations, errors or omissions.

This manual provides typical DG Set installation guidelines. For more detailed information on special application requirements like change in ambient conditions, new cooling system, new exhaust system, Dual frequency, etc., please contact Cummins or GOEM team.

Other than technical compliance in installation, it must comply with Local / State / Central Government and all other Statutory regulatory requirements as applicable.